UCAT Headstart Courses

UCAT Headstart Courses

UCAT Headstart Courses

Our UCAT Headstart Course is specially designed for those students in school years 9 – 11 who are looking to begin their UCAT preparation early. Through this course, you will go through thousands of practice exam questions and also discuss techniques for solving all such questions and more.

Every week there will be a range of questions, exercises and/or practice tests to help students to improve their standard and followed by regular homework.

We cover all five sections of the UCAT, and you will see more than 4000 questions throughout the course, as well as practicing 4 practice exams under test conditions.

Course StructureThis course is run in two phases:
Phase 1: 20 sessions x 1.5 hrs a session. From July to December, and
Phase 2: 25 sessions x 1.5 hrs a session. From January to June

Session TimesGroup 1: Saturdays 10.00 am – 11.30 am

LocationMedPrep Hectorville Centre
East Torrens Primary School, 12 Robson Road, Hectorville SA 5073

How to EnrolStudents are free to enrol the classes at any time.

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