Our Services

Our Services

  • 2-Day ONLINE UCAT Workshop

    2-Day ONLINE UCAT Workshop

    Tailored UCAT workshop over two full days (16 hours) of teaching covering all five UCAT sections and medical interview tips. You will get a full booklet including tips, techniques and over 2000 questions from all five UCAT sections, and two full practice exams and much more.

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  • UCAT Headstart Courses

    UCAT Headstart Courses

    Are you in school years 9 or 10 and looking to join Med School? This is your unique UCAT Headstart course focusing on early development of the key skills needed to succeed in the UCAT.

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  • UCAT Courses

    UCAT Courses

    Are you planning to take UCAT in 2020? Why not ace it? Our comprehensive UCAT preparation course, covering all sections of the UCAT. This is our most popular course.

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  • Online Courses

    Online Courses

    Get online access to our entire question bank and progress at your own pace through the questions.

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  • Interview Training

    Interview Training

    Prepare to present yourself as the ideal candidate with our interview training course by learning the ideal characteristics, practicing your responses and getting feedback to improve.

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